Our story

“Who would have thought that a book publisher like me would turn away from Bangkok and start a Residence here in Khao Yai. While my husband and I drove around the area looking for the perfect place to build a house for our retirement, we found this water buffalo grazing ground where Rain Tree Residence is situated today. We named it Rain Tree because of the wonderful row of rain trees (or ‘Chamchuree’ in Thai) living here before our time! Faraway from the buzzing Tanarat stretch, this is the perfect spot for relaxation. The beautiful blue sky, twinkling stars, birds singing, rustling green leaves and rolling hills humble us to appreciate the mysterious forces of nature.


True book lovers at heart, my husband and I have decorated Rain Tree Residence with book theme. Each room is inspired by our favourite writer ranging from the Nobel Prized award winner like Mo Yan to the spy thriller bestseller like Daniel Silva. We also put up fun excerpts from our literature and interesting facts from our reference books all over the residence. We have dedicated our heart and soul into Rain Tree Residence. All our trees and flowers are planted with love, and all furniture were handpicked ourselves. So please feel at ease here as if in your own home! We look forward to welcome you all at Rain Tree Residence!”


We are located just two hours from Bangkok, and half hour drive from Khao Yai National Park. The location is perfect for holiday with family and friends.

Our wish is for all our guests to have a great time and spend quality time with your loved ones. Activities provided by our team, and our facilities will help you to achieve this. Daily activity schedule is available at the front desk.

We are an environmental friendly hotel and would like to encourage all our guests to join us in our efforts to reduce waste and pollution.

  • No plastic bottles – there are glass bottles in your room, which we will refill daily. Moreover, there is a reusable plastic bottle provided for each guest to use during your stay and you are welcome to take home, complementary from us. Water cooler stations are located around the hotel for refill.
  • Save water – bed sheets and bath towels will be changed ONLY if guests place the towels in the provided basket. Otherwise, we will only change the sheets and towels whe guests check out. This is to save water and reduce water pollution.
  • Wastes are separated; food waste will be used as fertilizer, paper and other recyclable items will be separated.

Rain Tree Residence works together with the local villages to organize unseen tour to explore the local villages, trekking trails, and have lunch like a locals. Details of these packages can be found at the hotel front desk.

All Inclusive

We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.